Doing your best, but still being persecuted


Good day to all, well i hope you’re having a good one. just wondering this morning… have you ever been in a situation where you are always being blamed by your partner in an argument and telling you that you are the one who’s not sensitive to him/her where in fact he/she is the one who is not really sensitive to you and just keep on planning without getting your final opinion? she/he will discuss with you some scenario, not actually discuss but rather just mention something, then if you didn’t react on it she/he will consider it final and will base his/her plan on your reaction (so meaning if you don’t react it’s considered… she/he can do it or it’s ok with him/her)? sounds familiar?

I hate when things like this happen and especially when you are in the midst of an argument and you are trying your best to be calm (to avoid any hurtful things that might come out from your mouth), but in the end you will be the one to be persecuted. (sigh) it’s really day wrecker! Sometimes life is so unfair, but like Pastor Peter said, God didn’t say life will be non-problematic or you wont encounter hardship if you follow Christ. in fact you will encounter these stuffs more but the difference is… there is always Hope.

IMO, if we are really so depressed, down, no bible verse’s comes to our mind(or you think it’s not the solution) and really don’t know what to do… the best thing we can do in such situation is to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, close our eyes, and start changing our mind set… try focusing our mind to Jesus, cry out to Him, ask Him to help us overcome all what’s happening. it will atleast help us lower the temperature a bit. well it works for me, hope it will help you too.

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