Learning Not to Lean on My Own Understanding

trust in the lord
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its been quite some time since I wrote something about my walk with God. I want to share with you today my case and hope you can help share you thoughts on it. to start off, had a lot of ups and downs since I came back from our US vacation trip and the first biggest frustration I encountered this year is facing disappointment from my company.

How would you feel if you were given a lot of responsibilities from last year because they handed over to you your boss’ responsibilities, did a lot of extra mile for them like stayed late to work on critical projects, did the recruitment where candidates schedules were done at night, checked your staffs from time to time during your vacation because you need to monitor them, coordinated with external parties like ISP because the corporate internet will be terminated if renewal was not settled on time? and other Technical operation matters of the company….. in short you gave ALL your best then on the day of pay adjustment you didn’t see any raise? (worst thing is your CEO told you he will be working out your raise, but pay day came nothing came out on your payslip) sucks big time right? the situation is understandable if CEO didn’t gave his word about working out you raise.

Tried to verified it to my former boss whether it was just an admin mistake and whether i really got a raise, but he just came back to me and said… the CEO told him that everyone didn’t get any increase. (i know what’s coming to your mind now — what a lousy excuse right?)

Honestly i really felt like betrayed but instead of lurking on the negative feeling… I tried remembering God’s promises, and what he has done for me during tough crisis like this. I suddenly realized all the previous blessings he has given me and that He is truly and the only sole provider. He has the right to say whether i deserve to be given a raise or not. I really thank God for He’s my father and my saviour, never did He broke any promises to me 🙂 One big thing i learned from this is… We just have to lean not on our own understanding but instead cling on to God, because in all situations… He only wants the best for us. We may not understand or see it for now but for sure the best one is coming !

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