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Hi folks,

It’s a sunny Thursday down here in Singapore and I’m still stuck on my project. oh well, It’s lunch break, time for a short relaxation mode at the moment. I’m currently browsing for the best paid shared hosting service as my hosting term will expire next yr. I know I’m not the only one looking for the best host as I write this blog, so I come to think… how do we really define the word “BEST” in a shared hosting service? Here are some few common stuffs I gathered when I search the internet and what most people are looking for are (not in order)

1. Unlimited storage
2. Best Uptime
3. Has Lot of features
4. Under 10 USD/mo
5. Best customer service

I noticed 1 to 4 are really common nowadays, as most hosting service like, hostgator, hostmonster, webhostingpad are giving away unlimited storage and bandwidth (well in the contrary it’s not really unlimited) but when it comes to number 5, this is where the experiences of different people differs. I saw some comments from different webhosting forums that some had bad experience engaging with customer service staff and other had the opposite. some also complained about downtime, but infact in some other cases, the problem is within the client’s configuration. It’s really hard to tell which shared hosting provider is the best, but if you’re gonna ask my criteria when purchasing a good hosting provider, it should have the FF

1st It should have a Good Uptime record and powerful server.
2nd Cheap like $2 to $3.xx because I’m saving $ for Christmas 😀
3rd Has a lot of Features to offer (PHP extensions like Curl, GD, gettext; spam assassin; cPanel)
4th atleast 10GB or unlimited (i don’t think i can eat up to 10gb of space)
5th atleast have a 24/7 online chat support

Here are two of hosting providers that offers good features ( in my opinion ), I’m not promoting them… still weighing the 2
1. Pacific Host

a. Better server specs than mochahost
b. if they allow ffmpeg/video hosting script, that means the server must be powerful too
c. $2.45 but only 5 max of addon domain can be hosted
d. good uptime rate as they claim, but i read some FEW negative feedback on their uptime
I’m still not convinced as i saw some bad comments about their downtime, a lot people are experiencing downtime lately (last June 2011)

2. Mocha Host

a. average servers
b. offers a lot better features than Pacific host
c. cheap for $2.45 for unlimited sites!
Also not convinced to get them because people complain that they do acitivites on you credit card without your permission. that’s scary!
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