Worried Wednesday


It’s another great Wednesday indeed, I arrived in the office early and started to warm up myself for the usual routine (like booting up my pc, fixing the trash in my table, etc). As I sit and think in front of my PC doing my project, I suddenly stop and remember the lesson we had in our Dgroup meeting last Friday about God’s sovereignty… why? well honestly I’m in the midst of great fear for not being able to deliver my project on time, because deadline is already next week and I’m still just halfway done. this will be my first time to fail to deliver on time if it will happen. Oh boy, you might think that this anxiety I have right now is just normal. maybe yes, but as I contemplate, different people have different scenario and different strengths. This case/scenario may be easy to handle for others but to others… it’s not. I think this is a good opportunity to apply the lesson, by FULLY relying on God’s Sovereignty. I know God’s attribute merely by head knowledge alone, but I realize I should be applying it and relying on Him fully as i face all these challenges. Today is 24 of Aug-2011 and my project deadline is on 1st week of Sept-2011. Please pray for me for wisdom and strength so that I will be able to pull this one off. I’ll update you should I pass or fail on this test! 🙂



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