Hello world again!

Hi Folks!

If you’ve noticed this site’s been down for more than a week! Looks like UP4.net didn’t live up to their promises, I can’t complain or rant about them because they’re a FREE web hosting site. Too sad I wasn’t able to save any backup 🙁 so here’s another new “Hello World” again.

Well as you all know I’ve switched to a new host with www.infiniteserve.com. I’m glad I found another cool UNLIMITED FREE Web hosting provider. It really took me days to find a COST FREE, fully featured, unlimited storage/bandwidth hosting provider. I just hope this time… they(new host) won’t be headache like the old one. I haven’t checked/played thru with all the hosting features but so far I can definitely say it is a lot faster than my previous host and offers almost the same features. you can also try it…. URL is www.infiniteserver.com

PS. Please bear with me as i start again from scratch. enjoy!


modified for the sake of viewers, not recommeded anymore, they suck big time! check my update here

Update Aug 23,2011 5:54pm

Looks like my old hosting provider is dead, and too bad I can’t retrieve my old data anymore.
I tried visiting the site again but it was no longer accessible.
Here’s the screenshot

Now I’ve learned my lesson, I should make a backup, aleast once a month!

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