Infiniteserve under New Management


Got an email from the infiniteserve team last night informing me that the the website is now under a new management. well hopefully this time they will have better service than before. i subscribed again for another new account with them. can’t wait to see how this new management will operate. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Infiniteserve under New Management

    • Sorry mike but with their reputation, i dont think they are a reliable hosting provider. the one time payment is a marketing tactic. i would suggest you go with other paid hosting provider. if you are short in $, i would suggest you try, they are not the best but their rate is crazy cheap $1.99/mo but yet providing an average service, plus dont forget to google for coupon code, to lessen the total price more. btw im not promoting them. this is just based on my experience with different hosting provider. you may also want to look at they offer a bit higher like $2.49 per month. but they got better cpanel features and servers than

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