Wavatar Plugin for Vanilla 2.0.18

Hi guys,

Are you tired of seeing the Gravatar’s default image?

Are your members to lazy to upload their profile pic?

Spice up your website by generating a different default user image upon registration. Image generated is different from each users because the algorithm is based on the email address.

If you are interested, you can get this plugin for a minimal fee of $5.

Download link will be provided instantly after the payment is settled.

Thanks and enjoy.

if you run into some problem installing, don’t hesitate to contact me here or check the about me page for the contact info.

1. Don’t forget to enable the plugin indexPhoto so image will appear beside the ALL discussion page
2. Don’t enable the gravatar plugin together with wavatar plugin
2. This is a self hosted wavatar and not hosted in Gravatar site, image are processed and cached in your server, so it might consume server resource but will serve the image faster than the typical wavatar generated image from Gravatar site.

Disclaimer: i don’t own the main wavatar logic, I just coded it to make it run on vanilla 2.0.18

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