Browse Members Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18

Oct 7 2012 : Version 1.4 Released!!!!

Change Log:

a. Added Role Filter
b. Added Link on nav thru plugin instead of manually hacking the Theme
b. Fixed a Bug when Loading more users
c. other minor Bug fixes

See Plugin in action @

Next Feature Enhancement – dashboard settings to control/display more fields.

Feb 14, 2012: Version 1.1 Released!!!!

To Those who already purchased, i’ve sent you an email with the download link for the latest files.
Just overwrite your plugin with this new version.

What’s new?

Integrated “Online User’s” Plugin to see if users are online or not.

the icon will show if you are using whosonline plugin ver 1.3, if you dont have whosonline installed, icon wont show.

here’s a screenshot



Hi guys,

Here’s another fresh plugin for your Vanilla Forums.

This simple plugin will allows your users to search for members and view your member list.

You can control the number of users to be displayed, but by default it shows 30. it also paginates using AJAX so the whole page wont need to refresh to display the next batch of users.

The Browse Member page is accessible at after you enable it in the dashboard

you may check a working sample @

Grab it for only $5 $10, download link will be provided instantly after the payment is settled.

If you were not brought to the download page after payment, kindly check your email, I’ve emailed a download link too.

46 thoughts on “Browse Members Plugin for VanillaForums 2.0.18

    • hi dennis!

      the easiest way i can think how to add the categories side panel is to modify the default.php of this plugin and add this in line88 before the $Sender->Render($Path.$Page.’.php’);


      and go to

      library/core/class.module.php and add in line 170

      // 4. Garden default. eg. /path/to/application/dashboard/views/modules/
      $ViewPaths[] = CombinePaths(array(PATH_APPLICATIONS, 'dashboard', 'views', 'modules', $View . '.php'));

      $ViewPaths[] = CombinePaths(array(PATH_APPLICATIONS, 'vanilla', 'views', 'modules', $View . '.php'));

      let me know if it worked for you.

  • thats weird, i just tried again.

    first time i put the code before

    instead of

    so with that and the code change in class.module.php i get the sidebar in the browseMember view, but as soon as i go to the discussions page i get a bonk : (

  • @Dennis — What vanilla version are you using? Is your Forum sitted in a Linux? I had the same issue in a WAMP dev server but when I tried it online in a Linux hosting, the suggested fix works.

    • i’m using vanilla and this is my server

      Apache version 2.2.22
      PHP version 5.2.17
      MySQL version 5.1.60-community-log
      Architecture x86_64
      Operating system linux
      Kernel version 2.6.32-46.1.BHsmp
      cPanel Pro 1.0 (RC1)

      would be really nice if we could get it to work

  • Is there any way to change the page address from /plugins/BrowseMembers to just /plugins/members ? Or even better, simply “members” without the plugins part?

    Thanks so much!

    • You can set up a route in the dashboard. try this steps:

      1. go to dashboard
      2. click on the right side nav -> Setting -> Routes
      3. click “Add Route” button
      4. in the Popup window supply
      Route Expression : Members
      Target : plugin/BrowseMember
      Type : internal (just leave this one)
      5. click save
      6. Test! πŸ™‚

      hope this helps! πŸ™‚

    • i use

      $Session = Gdn::Session();

      to do a check.

      $Session = Gdn::Session();
      if($Session->IsValid()){ echo "Logged In"; }else{ echo "Not Logged In"; }

      • Thx for the reply. but in which file should i add those code ?

        ps: I thought I’d get some sort of email notification on your reply, but didnt. hence the delay in follow up πŸ™‚

        • try applying this code in first 4 lines inside the /BrowseMember/files/default.php

          < ?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit(); $Session = Gdn::Session(); if($Session->IsValid()){ echo "Logged In"; }else{ echo "Not Logged In"); }

          PS. if you are not a programmer or doesn’t know programming skills i can offer my service for a mere $5 to fix it for you. but ofcourse i will be glad if you can do it on your own. thanks!

          • Now it says, not logged in. But still shows the members list below that.

            How do i make it automatically revert to the login page ?

          • yes what i gave you was the main logic for checking whether a user is logged in or not. i presume your not a programmer am i right?

            Here’s the code

            < ?php if (!defined('APPLICATION')) exit(); $Session = Gdn::Session(); if(!$Session->IsValid()){ header("Location:".URL("/entry/signin?Target=discussions")); }

  • yes it shows at the URL but how do I place the link “Browse Members” hyperlink on below the “User List” so that it links with @ just as you did on your site @ ? Also how can I make the title “Members” on top of the “User List” click-able just as you did on your site “Random Members (1089)”?
    Thank you.

  • Hello,

    I need your help again please.

    Could you help me with fixing my sites?

    1) What addon did you use in creating the pages (Job Page, Salary Guide, Accredited Schools, New Point Systems, etc) on your forum site

    2) If you check my forum site,, you will notice that “Who’s Online” is not showing the Vanillicon icons of the online members just like on your site, Please how do I fix it?

    3) How can I create “Post your ads here for Free” just like you did on your site?

    4) What addon did you use to create and add “Link Exchange” on your site?


    • Hi Peter,

      1) item 1 < = (Job Page, Salary Guide, Accredited Schools, New Point Systems, etc) <= i've used the Custom Page Add on and did the the programming for each page. 2) item 2 <= this whosonline is a modified version -- i can send you my copy but what i can only send you is the non-pro version, you can compare yours with mine then patch the code accordingly. 3) item 3 <= this one is also an add on but i haven't completed the admin part of it yet. so i manually edit the code if i have new images to post. im going to launch this soon... πŸ™‚ 4) item 4 <= this is just the pocket plugin add on. πŸ™‚ im launching my classified ads plugin by mid march πŸ™‚ you might want to help me test, giving a discount on those who will help test. site url is @

      register there and try to play with it πŸ™‚ thanks

  • Thank you for your quick reply.

    1) item 1< = (Job Page, Salary Guide, Accredited Schools, New Point Systems, etc) <= Please can you send me a copy of your code/programming for the Custom Page Addon so that I can edit mine according.

    2) item 2 <= I guess am using the Pro Version but the copy of your modified WhoisOnline version will definitely be of help.

    3) item 3 <= Great, just get back to me when you're done with the "Post your ads for Free" addon. I will be needing it.

    4) item 4 item 4 < = Pocket Plugin? Please can you send me a copy of the code you typed in the pocket plugin so that I use it to edit mine?

    Ok, I will help test the classified ads plugin @


  • Comments of the Classified Ads Addon

    1) You need to include all the countries on β€œLocation” – (where is the item/service offered) dropdown tab.

    2) If possible place a custom currency option so that ad posters can type-in any world currency of their choice. But the major currencies are US dollars, and European.

    3) Ad Categories should include

    a. Computer / Phones / Electronics
    b. Rent / Real Estate
    c. Cars / Motorbikes / Parts
    d. Jobs
    e. Services
    f. Miscellaneous

    4) Ad Info (describe your items/services) – should come with the WYSIWYG (CLEditor) so that users can rich text contents

    5) If you can add a button like β€œshare this” on the button of the lists so that users can share / send the ads via email, facebook etc with their friends.

    6) When one clicks on the Browse ad if there a way you can make the ad categories appear in a vertical fashion on the page?
    Computer /Phones / Electronics (2)
    Rent / Real Estate (2)
    Cars / Motorbikes / Parts (2)
    Jobs (2)
    Services (2)
    Miscellaneous (1)

    7) Please can you place an option to select which ad category (ies) to display (pictures) on the scrolling ad picture? For example, I will like the scrolling pic to display only the ad categories from Computer/Phone/Electronics and Cars/Motorbikes/Parts instead of displaying all ad categories.

  • Hello Admin,

    I want to buy your plugin but I have a visa debit card but I cannot find my country Ghana in your list. Please assist. I really need your script.

    • Hi

      Do you have an AlertPay account? if you have can pay me using it, my email address is [email protected]. please wait for a few days i’ve applied to allow credit card processing thru them.


    • Hi Ylm, alertpay seems having problem processing credit card payment. im sorry i can’t think of any other way. maybe you could ask some friends abroad to purchase for you?

  • hi i just noticed that you updated this plugin to version 1.1

    i did not get an email with the updated version, i am still on version 1.0

    can you please send it to me? thanks

      • thanks for sending it. we are now using the 1.1 version and it does not show the online users. this is probably because we are using WhosOnlinePro .. is there any way for us to benefit from updating to version 1.1?


        • hi dennis,

          are you a developer? in the new version i have added a check to identify the whosonline plugin and it’s version. you may want to play with it first.

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